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Specialist Hydrographic Surveying Services in the Marine Environment
– Oceans, Seas, Estuaries, Rivers, Lakes and Dams – 

Hydrographic Surveying Service Industries

We provide certified hydrographic surveying services to the following government and commercial industry sectors operating in the marine environment:

  • Government and Defence Agencies and Organisations
  • Ports and Harbour Authorities
  • Coastal Zone Engineering and Management Consultancies
  • Environmental and Resource Protection Consultancies
  • Marine, Civil and Mining Construction Companies
  • Offshore Oil and Gas Energy Companies
  • Offshore Renewable Energy Companies
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Hydrographic Surveying Service Applications

We provide certified hydrographic surveying services for the following
applications in the marine environment.

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Hydrographic Surveys

  • Nautical Charting and Safety of Navigation Surveys
  • Ports, Harbour and Coastal Facility Surveys
  • Coastal Infrastructure Development Surveys
  • Dredging Monitoring and Support Surveys
  • Object Detection and Debris Clearance Surveys
  • Hazard, Underwater Obstruction and Wreck Surveys
  • Offshore Exploration and Seismic Clearance Surveys
  • Reservoir and Dam Asset Management Surveys
  • Reconnaissance, Search and Rescue Surveys
  • Rapid Response Surveys

Environmental Surveys

  • Scientific Research Seabed Mapping Surveys
  • Seabed Habitat Mapping and Classification Surveys
  • Sediment Erosion and Deposition Monitoring Surveys
  • Environmental Impact Assessment Surveys
  • Marine Development Resource Consent Surveys
  • Proposed Marine Protection Area Surveys

Vessel Mobilisation Services

  • Dimensional Control Surveys
  • Static Positioning System Checks
  • Heading System and Motion Reference Unit Calibrations
  • Survey System Mobilisations, Sensor Integration and Training
  • Survey System Commissioning and Acceptance Trials

Geophysical Surveys

  • Submarine Pipeline Route Reconnaissance, Establishment and As-Constructed Surveys
  • Submarine Cable Route Reconnaissance, Establishment and As-Constructed Surveys
  • Offshore Wind, Tidal and Wave Energy Development Surveys
  • Pre and Post Construction Scour Monitoring Surveys

Positioning Surveys

  • Vessel Navigation and Positioning Support Surveys
  • ROV Navigation and Positioning Support Surveys
  • Diver Navigation and Positioning Support Surveys
  • Subsea Structure Positioning Surveys
  • Navigation Aid Positioning and Inspection Surveys

Geodetic and Tide Surveys

  • Geodetic Control and Tide Gauge Installations
  • Geodetic Control Surveys and Precise Levelling Networks
  • Geodetic and Tidal Datum Establishments

Consultancy and Technical Support

  • Project Management Services
  • Client Quality Control Support Services
  • Tendering Support Services
  • Desktop Studies and Reports
  • Data Processing Services

Hydrographic Surveying Systems

We utilise the following hydrographic surveying systems during the provision of services:

  • Multibeam Echo Sounders - Teledyne Reson, R2Sonic, Kongsberg, NORBIT
  • Single Beam Echo Sounders – ATLAS Hydrographic, Odom Hydrographic, Kongsberg, CEEPULSE
  • Laser Scanners – RIEGL, Carlson Merlin
  • Global Navigation Satellite Systems – Trimble, Leica, JAVAD, Septentrio, Veripos, C-Nav, NovAtel
  • Inertial Navigation and Motion Reference Systems - Applanix, iXblue, Coda Octopus
  • Acoustic Positioning Systems – Sonardyne, Kongsberg, Applied Acoustics, iXblue
  • Sound Velocity Sensors – Valeport, Teledyne Reson, AML Oceanographic
  • Tide Sensors – Valeport, In-Situ, RBR
  • Sidescan Sonars – Klein, EdgeTech, C-MAX
  • Magnetometers – Geometrics, Marine Magnetics
  • Total Stations – Leica, Topcon, Trimble
  • Data Acquisition Software – QPS QINSy, Teledyne PDS, HYPACK
  • Data Processing Software – QPS QINSy/Qimera/Fledermaus FMGT, CARIS HIPS and SIPS, BeamWorX AutoClean

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